• Clare

We've arrived!

Preparations started over 18 months ago, and we're happy to say we've just completed our first post Brexit journey from the UK to Corfu! All the mandatory export, import and transit formalities were handled by us and we have been checked at every point in the journey for the necessary accompanying paperwork.

We'll soon be making deliveries on the island and then getting ready for the return to the UK – many thanks to everyone for your support and we're really looking forward to being back with you! We'll keep updating here and also our Facebook page with information on upcoming trips and new services. Currently we'll be travelling as often as possible between the UK and Greece, and hope soon to be able to announce regular dates again so watch this space!

We can handle all customs procedures for you and we'll be starting to give new quotes over the coming days so if you're waiting for one, we'll be in touch soon and if you'd like one, please do send us an email

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