What items can I transport?

We are experienced at dealing with all sorts of items at Delfini Transport and no job is too big, too small or too difficult! We can deal with everything from a single box, to pallets, fragile items and whole house removals so please get in touch for a personalised quote. We also specialise in the transport of motorbikes, ask us for more info!

What items can't I transport?

We're not currently able to undertake transport of any foodstuffs (unless a commercial shipment), alcohol, plants, plant products or medication (whether prescription or over the counter). We will of course update if there are any changes to this list

Will you take care of customs formalities?

We're able to undertake all customs formalities on your behalf, both for import and export in the UK and Greece. We've simplified procedures as much as possible for our customers and you can rest assured your goods are compliant

What about import tax?

All items being transported from or to Great Britain are subject to import tax (at 20% in the UK, and 24% in Greece), unless you're eligible for exemption. Again, we've simplified proceedings and can take care of this for you - just ask us for a quote, and we'll include all customs charges

How can I get a quote?

For a free, no obligation quote you can fill our our quotation form or contact us directly. We'll need a list of the items you would like to transport (any information on dimensions and weights is most helpful, as well as their value), together with your collection and delivery areas and we'll be in touch as soon as possible

I need a collection, can you do this?

Wherever and whenever possible, we offer collection from your door or other address whether in the UK or Greece. We can also sometimes collect/deliver elsewhere in Europe, just let us know what you need and we'll be more than happy to help

Do you deliver to the door?

When it comes to deliveries, we can deliver directly to you or your recipient in the UK, Corfu and surrounding areas such as Lefkada, Paxos, Preveza, Parga and Igoumenitsa as well as Athens and Thessaloniki. We can often also accommodate deliveries elsewhere in Greece so do let us know your requirements!

Can I collect from or drop off with you?

You can choose to make use of our warehouse in the UK for either collecting or dropping off your goods, or the depots in Corfu, Lefkada and Athens

Can I get items delivered to you?

We're able to receive items directly at our UK warehouse for onward transport to Corfu and the Ionian, Athens and Attiki or elsewhere in Greece. Please just get in touch with us first and then address your items in your own name to the warehouse address where we can receive Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm

When is your next trip?

We offer regular departures from both the UK and Greece and post dates on our dedicated Corfu and the Ionian and Athens and Attiki pages. For updates on departures, you can follow us on Facebook and also check out our news page here

Is there anything I can do to be ready for transport?

Unless you ask us for a wrapping service, please make sure your items are ready for transport when we collect or you drop off to us. You can do this by making sure fragile items such as glass or crockery are well packed inside boxes, for example with bubble wrap or newspaper. Any such items should be marked as fragile and then we'll know to take extra care. Any items of furniture should be empty for transport and suitably wrapped to protect and fragile or scratchable edges and surfaces. Please also make sure all your items are clearly marked with your name, and then we'll take care of the rest