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Happy Easter and another update!

We do hope this finds everyone safe and well and that those celebrating last weekend had a safe and happy Easter with loved ones - and wishing those celebrating Orthodox Easter this weekend peace and happiness.

Another update on the transport situation – and to let you know that we'll be sending another load from the UK to Corfu in early May. To be able to do this safely and for the protection of everyone, please note the following:


- The UK warehouse will reopen on the 22nd of April, with reduced hours between 10am and 3pm

- We can receive until the 6th of May for the next trip

- We will be able to receive all the usual online orders that just need one person handling such as boxes and parcels (please note we won't be accepting any supermarket grocery deliveries)

- For items requiring two person handling such as larger boxes, ovens, washing machines etc, please make sure with your supplier that these are delivered with a two man team as we won't be able to assist in unloading

- For any particularly large or heavy items such as sofas, large items of furniture etc please get in touch with us first so that we can take a look at this


- We'll be able to operate these for items that can be loaded by one person. For further information on pick ups please just get in touch - and if you have any items that require two person handling let us know the details and we'll be able to advise


- As before, please be reassured that all deliveries in Corfu will be carried out by the local team there, who haven't travelled across Europe

- We'll deliver direct to you rather than collections from the depot

- For deliveries elsewhere in Greece please let us know your requirements and we can advise on the possibility of this

Of course, everyone's safety is the most important thing so if there are any changes to restrictions in the meantime we'll update again here. Stay safe and keep in touch 🐬💙

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