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Transport update

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We are hoping to have a departure from the UK for Corfu and Greece in mid April but are unable to confirm this at the moment given the continuing uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

We would be looking at a cutoff date of the 10th of April to receive items at the UK warehouse, and then deliveries would be due to start out in Greece during the week following this. However until/if the possibility of a no deal exit of the UK from the EU has been ruled out we cannot confirm this.

We understand and share your frustration as this is always a busy time of year prior to Greek Easter and the start of the summer season. Until we know if we will be operating in a no deal scenario though, we don't want to risk both delays and unexpected costs for our customers.

We will take a view during this week on the information available and confirm if it's possible for the April trip to go ahead. If not, we'll give an indication of arrangements and dates for the next trip after this.

Many thanks for your understanding and continuing patience

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