Box and Go - online shopping delivered to Greece, customs free!

The legal import of brand new items from the UK has obviously been affected by the additional customs related formalities and costs – costs which are unavoidable when making legal imports into Greece, and costs which are not determined by us.

We understand the popularity of online shopping and how this service has been missed by our customers since the exit of the UK from the EU and have been working hard on an alternative.

So we're delighted be able to offer our new and improved Box and Go service - now free of all customs formalities and charges!

It's the same service known and loved by our customers for years but now offered via Germany. You can still shop online whether from a single site or as many as you need, have your items delivered to the new warehouse address and we'll pack everything together ready for transport to Greece where you can collect from our depot in Dasia! Delivery to the door and other areas of Greece will be following soon as well as other services!


Some sites to get you started can be found below, but we can receive from any online German platforms that deliver within the country (do just make sure you're ordering from a German or other EU shop, to avoid any customs charges from the UK):


Please contact us for further info if you'd like to make an order!




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Box and Go charges by area (UK warehouse to local collection depot)

(all prices are plus VAT)




Paxos *
































* Price includes cost of Corfu-Paxos ferry transfer of mailing bag/box