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We're back!

Our apologies that it's been so long since our last post here. Lots of work is constantly happening behind the scenes though, and some exciting updates will be coming!

We have a departure coming up very soon from Corfu to the UK and some space is still available. If there's anything you need to send please do get in touch so that we can advise further.

Our first departure of the summer from the UK to Greece will then be coming up at the end of this month! We can deliver to Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Athens and elsewhere in Greece. We'll be receiving personal effects at the UK warehouse until the 24th of May, with deliveries due to start in Greece later on during the week following this. Deliveries will be continuing for a few days whilst we get round to everyone, and as always, this is barring any delays at customs. We can also collect from your door in the UK, so just let us know if this is a service you need.

And we're now able to transport new items where possible from the UK for private customers (as well as commercial shipments). If this is something you're interested in,

please do get in touch first so that we can explain the process and likely costs. News on our new Box and Go service will be following as soon as possible for those looking to get back to online shopping!

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