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Trips resuming!

We've been working hard to be able to announce regular trip dates again and are happy to let you know that our next departure from the UK is coming up later this month for Corfu, Paxos and elsewhere in Greece! If you would like a quote for anything or information on the processes now involved, please do get in touch and we'll be more than happy to advise.

- Deliveries in Greece will be starting in early April

- If you need a collection in the UK, please let us know your requirements as soon as possible and we'll be able to make arrangements for collections until around the 22nd-23rd of March

- The UK warehouse can receive personal effects until the 22nd of March but please let us know first if we should be expecting anything for you

- We are starting to receive and transport a limited number of new items for private (rather than commercial) customers – we do need to check all of these items out on an individual basis though, so if you're waiting for a quote please bear with us, it means we're waiting for information ourselves from customs authorities. If looking to send anything new, it's vital that you contact us for more information and a quote first so that we can explain to you the procedures, likely costs and when we'll be able to accommodate these

On the subject of new items and online shopping, we've also been working on some new services and will be posting further information soon!

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