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All the latest dates!

Our next departure from the UK to Greece is coming up around the end of this month and we'll be able to receive items until the 28th of October at the UK warehouse. Just a reminder that our opening hours at the moment are 10am to 3pm on weekdays - we hope to be back to longer opening hours again very soon and will update again here, many thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding recently 😊

There is still some availability if you need a collection from a UK address so do get in touch. Deliveries in Greece will be due to start during the week beginning the 2nd of November.

We're also getting ready for a departure from Greece back to the UK (deliveries due in the UK during November) so if there's anything you need do let us know.

And as always, we're always available to answer any other queries or give a quote - email is best at the moment, Thank you!

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