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Another Brexit update (sorry!)

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Following our recent attendance of a haulage industry led training workshop for transporting goods between the UK and EU in a no-deal Brexit, we have an update for you!

So we now have further confirmation on how transport will be affected after the 31st of October if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The information we have is the most up to date, current information available from the Department for Transport and relevant European authorities, although we have been advised this is still likely to evolve between now and the 31st of October.

The changes and issues that will arise will affect all operators shipping between the UK and the EU. Amongst these will be changes to documentation required for vehicles but more significantly for customs formalities and the required documentation for the goods being shipped.

Formalities for some situations are still unclear, and so for this reason we will be accepting goods at our UK warehouse ONLY for the current shipment to Greece. So this will be until the 16th of October.

We will put a hold on receiving items at the UK warehouse after this. Sometime between the 19th and 31st of October we will find out as to the possibility of a deal between the UK and the EU, or an extension.

If a deal or extension is announced, where customs formalities remain the same as they are currently, we'll immediately start receiving items again at the UK warehouse and will publish dates for both the next trip from the UK to Greece in November, and from Greece to the UK around late October/early November.

If it becomes apparent that the UK will be exiting without a deal, we'll update as soon as we can on our available services.

In the meantime, we would urge any commercial business customers to check their responsibilites as exporters/importers and register for the relevant procedures.

We thank you as always for your patience and support, we'll be back to you with more information as soon as possible!

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