Start of summer

As the roads of Europe warm up, we continue to offer transport between the UK and Greece. Our next departure will be coming up in mid June and we can receive any items you need at the UK warehouse until (and including) the 12th of June. We also offer door to door service wherever possible so if you need a collection from a UK address, please get in touch with the details and we'll be able to offer you a personalised quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

Back on the road!

We're very happy to be back and offering transport as normal now due to the Brexit extension! The transport situation will be as normal until at least the end of October, and of course we'll keep you updated to any changes that may affect this as and when they happen. Our next trip from the UK to Greece is coming up in mid May - we're open again at the UK warehouse and are able to receive items up to and including the 15th of May. Deliveries are then due to start in Greece during the following week. If you need a collection in the UK, please let us know your requirements. We will also have a trip from Greece back to the UK, due in the first half of June and more information to follow. Thanks

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